Capsule Wardrobe

With the beginning of this new year, I purged my life (Not by choice, I was packing up and moving). But as I started looking through my closet, I realized just how many things I own vs. how many things I wear. Surprisingly I own a ton of color, and a ton of dresses; Neither of which I wear consistently (or ever). I started asking myself “why shouldn’t I purge my closet and do a capsule wardrobe?” Instantly I got so anxious. I can’t part with my clothes! What if I need this hot pink mini dress for a bachelorette party a year from now? (You know, all those silly thoughts that pop in your head to justify keeping things.) I decided to shut down my hoarding tendencies and compromise with myself. I would pick 30 key pieces for the season to take with me to my new apartment and keep the rest at my parents house. Since I wear mainly all black and live in my leather jacket- it actually wasn’t that difficult…  Granted I have the security of all my things sitting in Oklahoma waiting for me if I need them – but you get the idea.

I am by no means a minimalist – and I would never tell anyone to try being one. I love my clothes and getting to experiment with them. However I will tell you it’s a lot easier to pick out an outfit for the day when all of your clothes compliment each other perfectly. After a month of living with my capsule wardrobe I want to highlight the pieces I think every girl should have hanging in her closet.**

TopsBasic Tee. Slinky Black Camisole. Fun printed button down blouse. Chambray Button down. Graphic tee. Striped Tee

Jackets: Leather Jacket. Bomber Jacket. Denim Jacket. Black Blazer. Suede Biker Jacket. 

Sweaters: Pullover sweater. Oversized Cardigan.  

Bottoms: skinny jeans. distressed jeans. fun trousers. leather   mini skirt.  

Dresses:  Mini Slip dress. Patterned Maxi. Shift Dress.

Shoes: White sneakers. black boots. tan boots. black heels. nude heels. loafers.

Accessories: choker. baseball cap. bandana. widebrimmed hat

Because all of these items are staple pieces, I don’t want to waste your time by posting pictures of each individually, because duh – how boring is that? Instead I’m going to share some of my favorite combinations of these pieces. You can also find more inspiration on my Pinterest board 

** Every one’s style is different. If you search “capsule wardrobe” on Pinterest you will see a variation of key pieces. Make sure your pieces fit your personality otherwise you will die.**





Capsule Wardrobe