Bachelorette Party Recap

This last weekend I got to host all the bachelorette festivities for my best friend before she ties the knot! 11 girls traveled to Dallas for a full weekend and a full house as they all crammed into my little apartment for a slumber party.

So many laughs, so much champagne and SO many pictures incurred. We had all the ingredients to make the ultimate nostalgic sleep over; pink pj’s, s’mores, popcorn… a movie starring Zac Efron. And of course we had the bride give us a fashion show in all her new lingerie.

Most brides probably don’t envision a girls-night-in for their last hoorah but the details made the night all the more special. While decorations don’t make the event any more fun, they do create an atmosphere.  Amazon is my go to for all color-coordinated party decorations, including the adorable She Said Yasss banner above my couch- and at $12 can you even believe it?!


Because my best friend and I both have a strong love for Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I wanted to have the film play a part in her big girl’s night!  I found this amazing shop on Etsy that does custom embroidered sleeping masks and could not pass up the opportunity to use them! The Sleepy Cottage did a phenomenal job on these Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired masks and even incorporated a special white version for the bride to be. The sleeping masks were paired with a mini bottle of bubbly and gifted to each of the girls as a party favor. In addition to the eye masks, each girl got a tiara, a string of pearls, and black sunnies to really channel her inner Audrey for the night.

But what is a slumber party without snacks, honestly? Popcorn, Sour patch, Ice cream. While the champs was free-flowing all night, the truly special treat was the rose flavored cotton candy from The Cotton Smith. She’s a local Dallas gal who spins organic cotton candy and features THE most unique flavors! You can book her and her CUTE cart for events or have her drop off her pre-packaged tubs. Either way, you won’t be disappointed!


So how do you even begin to plan a party that stands out from the rest? My advice? Stay away from big box stores where everything looks the same. As much as I love Target, you can guarantee that every birthday, bridal shower, and girly get together will have the same napkins, tassels, and table cloths. If you can’t find what you need by shopping local, utilize the world wide web! Find decoration accounts on Instagram and Etsy- I promise you it’s just as gratifying as shopping locally. Find ideas on Pinterest that you can recreate on a budget. Just because we don’t have the budget of Kris Jenner does not mean that we can’t impress our friends with our party planning skills.

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Bachelorette Party Recap