White Out

If we are being honest, I live in black clothing. I rarely stray away from my black and denim uniform, but on the off chance I get inspired to branch out, I try to create at least 3 ways to rock it. I mean I can’t buy an orange shirt for no reason, right? (Thats not entirely true.. I buy clothes for no reason all the time.) Let’s take white pants for example. While they are considered a neutral (shocker, I know) they are definitely a statement all on their own. If you don’t try to get creative with how to style them, you become the infamous outfit repeater* because you’re out of styling options.

I actually own not one, not two, but three pairs of white denim (for God knows what reason.) I challenged myself to wear them this spring in some way, so I headed straight to Pinterest for inspiration. What’s the first thing I see? Monochrome. All white everything. I can do that. Why can’t I do that? So I put the outfit on; white jeans, white blouse, nude shoes. OH NOW I REMEMBER WHY I CAN’T DO THAT!  It’s too bright! I’m pale, I’m blonde, I look like a ghost!

I think this is something that all women struggle with – we see something online or on Instagram and we think “I bet I could pull that off” but it’s not in our comfort zone, it’s not authentic to us and then we feel self-conscious the whole day. That insecure feeling is what takes the fun out of fashion!

In order to make the monochromatic ensemble work for me, I neutralized it. I added layers and accessories to make it authentic to me. And while I did add a touch of black, I’m proud of myself. I kept the outfit on, I didn’t change out of the white, and to tell you the truth I’m actually a big fan of the outfits I put together and have worn them more than once. 

I created three looks out of my white on white basics: 

Look one:

Because the white is so bright on it’s own, I tried to counteract it with a darker funky jacket. Also, anytime I wear one of my hats, I tend to go with more minimalistic jewelry. During the day I paired this with black mules but switched into simple strappy heels for dinner. 

Look two: 

Sometimes I feel like a total mom when I wear white pants. Probably because both my mother and her mother wore white pants the second it turned summer. So to shy away from the mom vibes I paired it with my oversized distressed denim jacket and funky shoes. It’s still such a neutral look but the platform wedges take it up a notch. 

Look Three:

For the third look, I dressed wayyy down. I’m obsessed with oversized sweaters. It honestly doesn’t matter what time of year it is, I’ll find a way to make it work. There’s no better way to transition a sweater into spring then pair it with white. To accessorize, pair with some fake (or real) opticals and sandals or mules. It’s cute, comfy and still chic. 


Whatever your fashion fear is, I challenge you to face it. Wear the red heels, rock the bright lipstick, try bigger earrings. You never know what might become your new staple. I know that for me, my white jeans are now at the front of my closet and not shoved in the back with my holiday sequins. Change is good! Even in the most subtle ways!


* Lizzie McGuire references deserve to be noted. That is all. 





White Out