Summer Vibes: 365

This summer I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic. For the first time I’m living in a different city by myself and I’m not in school, which means that I don’t have all of my closest friends with me home from college willing to go do whatever whenever. It bums me out to think that summer is nothing more than a season when you’re an adult, so I planned the perfect remedy; a girly picnic.

While sitting outside in August, in Texas, in the afternoon is not always (or ever) recommended, we had so much fun doing something different than your typical Sunday brunch. We had all the picnic necessities; cheese boards, champs, watermelon and Drunk Jelly! Yep, you heard me right. We had the most delicious wine flavored jellies to go along with our cheese and crackers. My personal favorite was the Merlot flavor paired with brie cheese. I’ve honestly never felt more adult in my life than eating that snack. We paired the rosé and chardonnay flavors with the honey goat cheese from Trader Joe’s (which I always keep in my fridge). The jellies are actually alcohol free but you wouldn’t believe it from the way they taste. It’s literally like sipping on a glass of wine and it. is. delicious!

No Sunday is complete without a mimosa or two, so of course I brought my favorite bubbly along. But in the spirit of summer we mixed it up; we used Tribal Juice watermelon + lime cold press juice as our mimosa mix and needless to say it was summer in a glass. I live for these juices, which are local to Dallas and was so excited when we got to sample all of their flavors. My personal favorite is called the fire starter, a combination of pineapple, cilantro, and jalapeño (need I say more?) It’s so unique and is THE best juice to jumpstart your day.

They call it Sunday Funday for a reason right? I was so excited to bring along a bottle of Texas Wildflower Vodka. They are a new vodka company local to Dallas and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their product (because I mean, look at their branding!!) We were able to try all three flavors that Texas Wildflower offers; regular, blood orange, and pink lemonade. I am by no means an expert on liquor but I was amazed at how high-quality it tasted. As a rule I tend to stay away from sweet, flavored alcohol but I have to say, that the pink lemonade flavor is actual fire. it doesn’t taste artificial at all. And the blood orange is THE perfect base for summer cocktails and I’m excited to experiment with a few recipes, possibly in an upcoming post!

There’s truly nothing better than a couple of your sweetest friends being willing to entertain your delusional over-the-top ideas and meet you in the afternoon to sit on a blanket and eat cheese. And you know what? We had fun. We ate and drank and caught up on the busyness of our weeks. We were able to be silly and loud without worrying about the table next to us because, spoiler alert, there was no table. I don’t even feel weird about staging outings anymore because for me, they always end up being some of the sweetest memories whether they go smoothly or not. I’m thankful for community, I’m thankful for Sunday afternoons that can be as slow or as busy as you want them to be, and I’m so thankful for the friends that help me and support me in all of my ridiculous endeavors, picnics included.

Photos were taken by the amazing Victoria Martinez. To see all the pictures taken during our picnic outing, keep scrolling through the slideshow below!

My adorable friends and models are Bridgette Watson and Esther Oh.

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Summer Vibes: 365