My Secret Skin Care Struggle

“Oh my gosh you have the prettiest skin, what do you use?!”

I get asked this question so often. My answer is always the same; “I don’t do anything.” But  in my opinion it’s not a brag, it’s a joke.

The truth is I sleep in my makeup. I don’t even wash my face in the shower. I use a makeup wipe to take off the old makeup right before I’m about to put on the new. If I have a zit, I use melaleuca essential oils and call it a day.

I’ve never had acne prone skin, I never had reactions to any sort of makeup and I’ve never had any consequences from being so carefree. It wasn’t until this year that I really started realizing how much skin care matters. Maybe it’s because every girl around me is trying  some noninvasive procedure to lift, tighten, and firm their face. Maybe it’s because there’s a new face mask advertised on Instagram everyday. Or maybe it’s just because I’m getting wiser as I get older (mmmm but probably not)

So 2017 has been the start of my skincare journey. And to be honest it’s been a constant work in progress. Since I’ve never had a routine I constantly forget to put on this moisturizer or that primer but now that colder weather is around the corner I’ve decided to crack down.

While breakouts and wrinkles aren’t my main worry, excessive dry skin is. Recently I found that due to dry skin on certain areas of my face, my makeup wasn’t setting on my face the same way. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back. I immediately went on the hunt for products that were rich in moisture but didn’t leave my skin looking oily underneath my foundation. I also wanted a facial cream that didn’t feel heavy on my face (because who want’s to feel greasy after getting out of the shower?)

So I went to the internet to do what most girls do.. Shop. I headed to to find the perfect remedy to all my skincare needs. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that L’Occitane was now available at Sephora. I grew up with L’Occitane in my house and always thought it could only be found in high end boutiques and the brand’s stand alone retail stores. Of course their skin care line was the one that caught my eye. Turns out L’Occitane has a line of skin care products completely focused on moisturizing – infused with shea butter!

The three products that I could not wait to show up at my door step were: The Shea Cleansing Oil, The Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream and The Shea Butter Ultra Rich Comforting Cream.

The Shea Cleansing Oil removes ALL the makeup! (It even claims to remove waterproof makeup.  I was skeptical before trying it, but it really does take off all my mascara and now I’m a firm believer.) The Cleansing oil is silky smooth and lightly foams up when you mix it with water. It has 5% shea oil infused into it- giving you all the benefits but doesn’t leave your skin oily like some cleansers do. I’m so obsessed with this cleansing oil that for the last week I haven’t skipped taking my makeup off BEFORE bed. Miracles are real y’all.


Now the next two creams are very similar but feel so different on your face. I got both – one for morning and one for night. The Light Comforting Cream is perfect for moisturizing your face in the morning, giving you makeup ready skin. This cream has 5% shea butter so while it’s fully nourishing it truly is light. I’ve put this on every morning before I start getting ready for the day. (example: wake up, drink coffee, apply the light comforting cream, curl hair, put on makeup.) I have always been skeptical of cream under makeup because usually by the end of the day I look like an oily mess. But this light cream has done the exact opposite since I’ve been using it. My makeup is setting better and my face stays looking hydrated and bright all day.


The Ultra Rich Comforting Cream has a higher concentration of shea butter (25%) so it literally feels like velvet when you rub it on your skin. I have dedicated this product to night-time use. Since it lives up to it’s name, and really is ultra-rich, I personally find it too heavy to use before apply my daily makeup. I put a little bit on after I’m through using the cleanser and  Y’ALL- I wake up looking like an actual baby after I sleep in this stuff. It is SO hydrating and SO silky. My skin feels so soft, but doesn’t feel heavy.


When you can feel and see the overall quality of your skin improving in a week’s time, how do you not adopt a skin care regimen immediately? While I can’t pin point which of these products has helped my skin the most over the course of the week, the three together are definitely the trifecta, making your skin truly make up ready.  But the best part?  I’m honestly so thankful I discovered the L’Occitane shea collection before cold weather hits. Winter, my skin and I are ready for you!!

*Products were gifted for a #sponsored collaboration but all thoughts and reviews are personal and honest.

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My Secret Skin Care Struggle