Curate the Life You Want

When I was younger, I had this idea of what a successful woman looked like. She wore a pencil skirt and sat at a big desk in her coveted corner office all day… (think Cameron Diaz in any movie she’s ever been in)  But fast forward to present day, and my idea of a successful woman looks very different. She is strong yes, but she is also gentle, she is intentional, and she has a sparkle that seems contagious. She might not have a corner office, she might not even work in an office. But she is successful because her goals are being achieved and her dreams are being chased.

It’s so important to define and continually remind yourself what success looks like in your life. Maybe it isn’t the 9-5 job or being a mom. Maybe it’s starting that blog, maybe it’s going on that trip, maybe it’s recording your music. I recently heard someone say “If you wait for perfect conditions you will never get anything done.” So many times we wait for the ideal moment to start something, and let’s be honest – that moment will never come naturally. So why don’t we curate these conditions for ourselves? Here are 3 tips for everyday dream chasing (And no, it doesn’t involve packing up and quitting your day job.)

Keep Dreaming and Dream Often

So many times we are told that the dreams we have are risky or unrealistic. And you know what? That might be true! But you can’t focus on the commentary of others because their life doesn’t change whether you pursue your passions or not. The things that blossom in your mind and your heart are unique. Those thoughts should be entertained and more often than not, they should be pursued! Write down all the things you find yourself daydreaming of, all the things you want to fulfill in your lifetime. The more you meditate on the things stirring around in your head and your heart, the more life you are giving them. And suddenly you might realize they have grown too big to ignore anymore.

Find the Magic that Exists in the Every Day

There is never enough time in the day, it’s true. But if we spend every second focused on the errand we have to run or the quota we have to meet, we let 24 hours pass by without blinking an eye and we didn’t spend any time focusing on the things we truly desire. So often your dreams feel like a burden because you are so drained (mentally, physically, emotionally). But here’s the thing – It is just as important to focus on yourself as it is to focus on the to-do list sitting in front of you.

When is the last time something good happened in your life that wasn’t written in your day planner? Take that cooking class. Say yes to that blind date. Have a dance party in your kitchen at midnight. Go listen to jazz music in a part of town you don’t normally frequent. True adventure doesn’t have to involve a plane ticket, but it does involve taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary.

Fan Your Flame

When we stay silent about our dreams, they almost never take shape. Surround yourself with people that inspire you. You can never have too many girl bosses in your life. And when you put yourself in the center of women that believe in dreaming and risk taking just as much as you do, you never know what magic will come of it. Make a vision board on Pinterest; load it up with every cheesy quote and encouraging note and look at it often. Find that killer podcast. Read lots of books and pick people’s brain. It’s up to us to find the beauty in the hustle.

Above all of these things, just know:  Being young and foolish is not a bad thing.

You are the captain of your own reality and your life is as beautiful as you make it, so never let anyone dull your sparkle. You can curate the life you want simply by making a decision to never let anything stand in the way of you and your dreams.

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Curate the Life You Want