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My Must-Have Beauty Products

I’m not a huge beauty product girl. Don’t get me wrong – I love playing with makeup, but my skin care routine is minimal and I care more about maintaining my eyebrows than maintaining my actual hair. However, there are a handful of products that I swear by and would recommend to literally anyone I talk to. So let’s talk about them: my must-have hair and beauty products

Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Shampoo


This stuff has been the biggest game changer for me. I chopped my hair my junior year of college and I swear I thought it was never going to grow back. One day last summer I randomly picked this shampoo up at Target because I didn’t want to take my expensive stuff on a trip – and I have never looked back. My hair has grown more in the last year than the 3 years prior combined! and y’all this stuff is $6 (move over, Monat) I started getting comments about how long my hair looked maybe 4 months after using it – and I only wash my hair twice a week!

Parissa Brow Shaper Wax Strips


Let’s talk eyebrows. I have always had super dark, super thick eyebrow hairs so it’s real obvious if I don’t touch them for a week. I keep tweezers in every knook and cranny of my life… bathroom, make up bag, toiletries travel bag, and my #1 spot – my car. (We all know the sunlight in your car shows everything wrong with your face) My brows typicaly stay in pretty good condition, but every once in a while tweezing at stoplights doesnt cut it. That’s where these come in. These Parissa brow shapers are so perfect for quick touch ups and areas that are too unruly to tweeze. Each little strip pulls apart, giving you 2 ready-made wax strips. I use these most on the ends of my eyebrows, where it hurts like hell to tweeze. These are the only non-heated wax strips I’ve found that work and pull out so. much. hair. Plus they give you a little bottle of solution that will remove the excess stickiness off your skin!

Unite 7 Seconds Condition Spray


So I found out about Unite because they sent me products to try for a sponsored post. One of those products was this leave-in conditioner spray. I’ve always been a little hesitant to use leave-in conditioner because my hair is extremely thick and the underneath layers will get greasy with a lot of heavy product. But I’ve been using this spray for the last 6 months, and now I don’t use conditioner in the shower at all. It’s lightweight and smells SO amazing. Plus it saves me a solid 10 minutes in the shower because I don’t have to stand under the water trying to get all the conditioner out of my hair. So sponsored or not, I am truly obsessed with this stuff.

Note: they have now changed the name to “detangle spray” but it is the same product

Glossier Boy Brow Gel


Earlier this year I got my eyebrows microbladed. Which means minimal touchups for me! However, I love the power of a brow gel – it gives you that extra full, fluffly look. I’m a big fan of the Glossier Boy Brow- mostly because it’s tinted and doesn’t dry like glue. I’ve tried a few other brow gels, including the new one from Kylie Cosmetics, and I keep coming back to Boy Brow. You won’t feel like you have anything on – which is the reason I adore the Glossier company as a whole!

Kristen Ess Dry Shampoo


You might be thinking, aren’t all dry shampoos the same? The answer is NO. my go-to for the longest time was from Pantene. I couldn’t justify spending more than a few dollars on a can that I went through in like a week. However, I own all the Kristen Ess products from Target and they are all my favorites (I could write a whole blog for each, I swear) so of course I had to give her dry shampoo a try. Y’all it smells SO. GOOD. People stop me all the time to ask what perfume I’m wearing when in reality it’s just my dry shampoo. And unlike most dry shampoos that make your hair look clean, but feel disgusting, this stuff is light weight and doesn’t make you feel like you dunked your hair in the ocean. Take it from the girl that washes her hair once a week, this stuff is a game changer.

Jack Black Clean Break Oil-Free Moistiurizer


Skincare is something that has never really been on my radar. But last year I started getting really dry skin on my cheeks – and it was affecting the way my foundation was blending into my face. NOT OKAY. I began experimenting with different face moisturizers but found they were all SO thick and either clogged my pores or made me look so oily by the end of the day. I knew Jack Black was mainly a men’s brand for skincare and shaving kits, but they come recommended for sensitive skin. It’s so lightweight and feels like it disappears the second I put it on my skin, but I’ve noticed a noticeable difference in how my face feel throughout the day. I apply it every morning and when I get out of the shower. And on days that I’m not going anywhere, I will put only this on my face! and because it’s so lightweight, I feel like my skin can still breathe.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Curvitude Mascara


Another makeup product for you! I swear by this stuff!! I LOVE lash extensions, but every few months I try to take a break to let my lashes recover. I really don’t like many mascaras that I’ve tried over the years. Benefit Roller Lash has been my #1 until I found this Maybelline Lash Sensational CURVITUDE. There are 2 different versions of this mascara – make sure it’s the one that says curvitude. The other one has a slightly different applicator and quite frankly, I hate it. I don’t know what this curvy wand does, but I swear it’s magic. My lashes look SO long – people ask me all the time if they are real (which might be the highest compliment I’ve ever received) Plus it’s a fraction of the cost as Roller Lash, so it’s a win/win!

Of course there are so many things sitting on my shelf that I love and use, but these 7 products have been what I reach for every day for the last 6 months. They’ve improved my hair, skin, and my entire morning routine! Plus, if you put them all together, you get the perfect mix of summer essentials! You can shop all the products by clicking the titles of each, or clicking on the images!

Do you have a product you swear by? Send me a message on IG or leave a comment below and let me know!

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My Must-Have Beauty Products

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