Q&A – Life Update

This past weekend I had my friends and followers on Instagram ask me questions. I figured I would take the time to answer them here, since many of them were very similar. I know I often post about my favorite places or things, but I rarely speak on my every day life. Plus this will serve as a great life update for those that are close to me – since I’m the absolute worst at Facebook statuses and (apparently) phone calls.

Q. Why Did You Move to Dallas?

I moved to Dallas on a whim in 2017. Honestly I had no real purpose for relocating other than to start a new adventure. I was freelancing at the time and had a little bit of freedom to choose my next steps. I had spent a lot of time in Dallas during college and always felt a peace when I was here. Plus, coming from Tulsa, OK, Dallas seemed like a world of endless possibilities.

Q. How Did You Get So Involved in Your Church?

I go to a church in Dallas named Shoreline City. I found it by sheer accident right around the time I moved to Dallas. The culture of our church at its core is community – we don’t believe in doing life alone and think everyone should have a support system to push you forward and call you higher. A major way our pastors carry this culture is making sure individuals have the opportunity to get plugged in and serve, even in the littlest ways. And when you start showing up in little ways, leadership takes note and call you to higher – which means you’re able to get more involved. If you go to Shoreline even a handful of times, this culture stands out. As much as you try, it’s extremely hard to avoid… because trust me, I tried!

Q. What Do You Do for Your Day Job?

Simply put, I work for a local artist here in Dallas, Alli Koch of Alli K Design. Alli is an illustrator that specializes in black and white florals and has put her art on merchandise and murals all over the city. She’s also written 2 books on how to draw flowers step-by-step. I serve as her brand manager – handling her website and marketing materials, wholesale orders, and the day-to-day operations around the studio.

Actually, I’ve been working alongside Alli since April of 2017, as her part-time assistant. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I transitioned into a full-time role with her. And it’s been the biggest answer to prayer. I’m able to take on client work of my own and travel a bunch, all because basically I have the coolest boss ever. And my favorite part? She’s also one of my mentors. Not only do I get an inside look at how to be a successful entrepreneur, I get to pick her brain and ask her advice on all of my next steps when it comes to the business world and that is almost as valuable to me as my paycheck.

Which leads me to my next question…….

Q. Weren’t You Working on Starting Your Own Business?

This question made me laugh out loud. I most certainly was working on launching a business – I actually still am. I took a step back when my day job changed. I wanted to focus all my efforts on proving myself in my new role and excel at it. However, I just hired on someone to help me finalize all of my marketing materials so the ball is finally rolling again! Be on the lookout around Thanksgiving time!

Q. Who Are All Those Little Kids You Post on Your IG Stories?

I have 2 sisters – one who lives in Texas and one who lives in LA. My sister who lives close to me has a biological son, my nephew. My sister and brother-in-law, who i’ve in LA, are foster parents. They were fostering a little baby girl for the last year and a half – gaining temporary custody of her when she was just 3 days old. This last June, she was reunited with her birth mom -however we still consider her our own and I call her my niece (always will) However, they have another little nugget baby girl who they gained custody of when she was also 3 days old! We have her for the foreseeable future and my whole family is in love with her. But I can only guess that we will have so many more babes come into our lives over the next few years (maybe even months!) and I can hardly wait! Because there is absolutely no better title than “Aunt La”

Q. Do You Have a 5-Year Plan?

I think having goals and dreams is super important, but I have learned the hard way that if you make a written plan for your life, it will inevitably go the complete opposite way. I like to think it’s just God’s sense of humor. So while I don’t have a concrete 5-year plan, I do however believe in setting goals for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days etc. and taking life in small bites. Think of it as a 1-year plan instead! I daydream constantly, so by managing my own hopeless romantic expectations, I don’t get disappointed when a different door opens for me or I don’t get to check off one of my personal boxes quite when I expected.





Q&A – Life Update