Face Off – Foundation Review Pt 1

I love makeup. I’m not great at doing all the fancy tricks, but I care about how the products I use perform like my life depends on it. For reference, I  used to be addicted to MAC Cosmetics. Everything in my makeup bag was MAC from freshman year of high school up until the end of college. I  know their ingredients are controversial but no one can tell me their stuff doesn’t work like a dream. However, somewhere along the way (probably when I  started having more expenses) I  started trying to find cheaper substitutes, especially for things like concealer and foundation.  I’m constantly on the hunt for a product i will love as much as the pro-long wear foundation. And while it’s safe to say I have found some amazing replacements that are a fraction of the price, I still seem to always scour the aisles of Ulta looking for the next best thing. So I decided to dedicate Mondays to trying out all this new makeup! 

On Mondays I will be writing up small reviews about products I’m currently trying. They will be honest and real (not sponsored of course) and without a doubt, they will always be affordable! Let’s get started. 

Makeup Revolution, Conceal & Hydrate Foundation

Before I  share my thoughts and experience, here is the direct description from the company website: 

“Conceal & Hydrate Foundation has been specially formulated to suit every skin type and tone, but is particularly beneficial for dry skin. With hyaluronic acid, it offers all-day-long radiance and glow without settling into fine lines or clinging to dry patches. Housed in a luxe glass bottle with a new pump applicator for added control, this foundation offers medium to full coverage.”

We are starting on a high note because this has to be one of my favorite foundations I’ve tried for the summer. The first time I  used it I  was shocked at the coverage and how it lasted all day. It blends into you skins super easily and is buildable, although I  would dare to say that even just one layer is incredibly full coverage. One of the reasons I  was an immediate fan was because it has a dewy finish. It almost has the texture of a bb cream,  but the coverage of a thicker foundation. The foundation itself contains hyaluronic acid which is so hydrating for your skin – so you don’t feel weighed down all day while you’re wearing it. 

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Here are the downsides – This foundation formula is geared towards hydrating dry skin and because of that, it does get a little greasy for me. I   have found that half way through the day it starts pooling around my nose. For context, I have combination skin- my cheeks are super dry but around my nose and on my chin I get oily quick. Nothing a little touchup of setting powder can’t fix, but if you are naturally oily, this foundation may not be the one for you.  And because it’s light weight like a BB cream, it does crease pretty quickly under the eyes. I personally think it looks more drastic in photos than it does in real life, but the creasing is real.

Foundation Only

On Makeup Revolution’s website, it shows that this foundation has a 50-shade range and they walk you through the undertones in each, which I find very helpful.  I personally purchased this foundation at Ulta – on the side of the store where you will find NYX and Elf. Be warned that it is a hit or miss knowing what Revolution products will be in stock at your local Ulta – I’m learning this brand is a cult favorite (Jeffree Star even reviewed their products) which leads to a lot of empty shelves. 

Full Face of Makeup

Despite being slightly too greasy for my skin type, I would give this foundation an 8/10. It’s so lightweight that I don’t feel like I have anything on my face. And yet, I don’t have to worry about being able to see my blemishes througout the day because it really stays in place. And nothing feels better than looking just as pretty at 5 pm as you do at 9 am.

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Face Off – Foundation Review Pt 1