Spooky Season

We are half-way through October and that means the count down to Halloween is on! While fall is forever my favorite season, I’ve really come to love the spooky vibes during the month of October. Scary movies, haunted houses with friends, and silly (sometimes gross) decorations? I can get on board with that. Of course 2020 has ruined lots of traditions this year (no haunted houses for me) but my roommate and I decided to make the most of our new apartment and transform it into a eerie scene all month long! And while the month is half-way over, I’m going to share some ways we are still trying to participate in the fun to make sure we don’t miss out on the spooky start of the fall season! 

Themed Decor 

Of course, decorating your space is the easiest way to get into the spirit of things. Normally I put a few pumpkins out on October 1st and only mess with Halloween decor if I plan a get together at my place. But this year Megan and I  went ALL out on Halloween decorations. We took advantage of our new space and brought our Pinterest boards to life. Since social events are limited, we wanted to make sure we could curate some cute corners that would make us happy (and make for a good Instagram picture or two) My personal favorite is our bartender friend (honestly we are trying to find a way to keep him around all year long) 

Scary Movie Nights 

I’m a big fan of horror films. I’ll watch them anytime of year, however most of my friends will only appease my movie preferences during the month of October. Typically I’d be begging someone to go see the newest scary movie in theaters, but since I don’t plan on stepping into a movie theater anytime soon I’ve turned watching movies at home into a whole event! Set a starting time so you can make sure everyone is on the couch and ready to go! Plan treats and snacks accordingly, fall themed of course -Trader Joes always has the best fall flavored foods (and if you are local to Dallas, check out @thedoughdealer for his PSL cookies!) If you need help finding a halloween-appropriate movie, check my list below. And if haunted flicks aren’t you thing, I’ve included some other light-hearted options 

Horror/ Thriller

  • Annabelle 
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre 
  • Disturbia 
  • Us
  • The Strangers
  • IT (the original one) 
  • As Above So Below 
  • When a Stranger Calls


  • Halloweentown 
  • Sweeny Todd
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Coraline
  • Nightmare before Christmas
  • Double Double Toil and Trouble

Costume Party

Let me preface this my saying – the pandemic is still very much a real thing, and you should practice social distancing as much as possible.

The best part about Halloween is dressing up. And of course, most Halloween events won’t be happening this year due to bars still be closed and restaurants at limited capacity. But I personally don’t think that should stop you from putting on a costume and enjoying yourself! Personally, my roommate and I are having a small group of friends over for a “haunted housewarming” party to celebrate our move. We sent out official invitations and made sure to note that costumes are required. There’s endless ways to host a costumed event without it being a packed out party! Host a game night where people don’t have to or invite people over to grill out outside. Even if it’s just your 3 closest friends for a wine night, costume make everything better! 

Life is better when there’s a theme, and while I adore the light-hearted fun side of Halloween, I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Whether you’re here for spooky season or want to skip straight to Thanksgiving, I  fully recommend going all out for whatever season you’re in. It makes life so much more fun and also sets a standard for new traditions for years to come. 

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Spooky Season