Socially Distanced Holiday Activities

Christmas looks a whole lot different this year. Some traditions aren’t taking place, like pictures with Santa or ice skating downtown,  and of course holiday pop-ups and bar crawls look a whole lot different this year. But the holidays are always magical, regardless of the climate of our country.  So even though public events aren’t conducive to ringing in the Christmas spirit, there are so many ways to celebrate the holidays with your close circle and loved ones, and help make the most of the Christmas season. Here are a few ideas to get you in a festive mood all week leading up to Christmas. 

Cookie Decorating Party 

Whether you’re by yourself or have 10 friends with you, decorating cookies is a fun and easy activity that any one of any age can participate in. While it does require some advance planning (I never seem to have sprinkles in my pantry no matter how many times I buy them) it’s a pretty relaxed way to get your friends together during the holidays. If baking cookies sounds like too much work, gingerbread houses are a great alternative! You can even make it a competition to see who can decorate their house or cookies the best! 

Drive around for the best Christmas lights in town 

Driving around to look at Christmas lights is one my favorite traditions and it’s the perfect way to involve a small number of people!  No matter where you live, there is normally always at least one neighborhood that does it up right! Bring a thermos of hot chocolate or drive through Starbucks for your fave holiday drink! Don’t forget to bring a blanket in case you decide to roll down the windows for a better view! Half the fun is going around town searching for the best spots, but a quick Google search might also pull up some houses that are famous for their annual light show as well and will give you a great place to start! 

Ugly sweater themed game night 

Game nights are one of the best ways to spend quality time with family and friends. And while there aren’t a ton of classic “Christmas” themed games to be played, you can still add a festive twist to your game night by setting a theme! Have every one wear an ugly sweater, or present their favorite Christmas treat. It will give you the feeling of a Christmas party, even if you just participate with members of your household. 

Watch your fave holiday movie together over Zoom

Some of us won’t be seeing any family or friends this year, but thankfully we have ways to include each other virtually so we won’t feel so alone. This week, plan a zoom date with loved ones. Pick a movie and set a time so you can all log on and watch it together. This is such an easy way to make something as simple as Netflix feel like an event!

Drive-By Secret Santa 

Usually gift exchange parties are a huge part of the Christmas season. Of course, parties aren’t really a thing this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a gift exchange with your friends! A drive-by Secret Santa is the perfect way to include each other, and it helps your budget as well! Coordinate with your friend group and set a spending limit. Then, use a program like Elfster to help you randomly select names and secure addresses so you can find their house without giving any hints! You could assign a day to have all presents delivered and open them together over zoom, or spread the giving out all week long so you never know when to expect a surprise at your front door! 

2020 has been all about getting creative with how we connect with one another, and I don’t think Christmas should be any different. While these are just a few of the ways we can include one another, I hope you find ways to keep your holiday traditions alive and make sure your loved ones know they aren’t alone this year

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Socially Distanced Holiday Activities