Setting Intentions for 2021

I  think we all let out a big sigh of relief when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve. I know that literally nothing has changed but it really feels like an accomplishment to say that we survived 2020. Here’s the thing though, 2020 was a turning point for me personally. It shed some light in areas of my life that I needed to address and showed me more about myself than ever before. Of course we all have a 2020 sob story, so I won’t bore you with mine, but if I  hadn’t walked through the year from hell I  would be in a totally different headspace than I am currently. And to be honest, I  like the headspace I’m in currently. I’m seeing things differently because of all the time I spent alone, not distracted, and out of my element. And I’m going to try my absolute best to carry that into this coming year.

As always I ask the Lord to give me a word for the new year leading up to the holidays. This year “prioritize” and “productivity” were the two that came to mind repeatedly. So in 2021, I’m not setting resolutions like “make my bed every morning” or “drink a gallon of water”. Those get put on a list every year, and every year they don’t stick. Instead I’m setting intentions for the different areas of my life, as a way to instill better, more deeply rooted habits that will stay with me long after this year is over. 

I’ve always heard yoga class instructors talk about setting intentions, but the concept is very new to me. And while you won’t find me talking to the universe when I first wake up, this idea of setting yourself up for success internally before you do anything externally is something that really stood out to me. I’d like to think of it as a slow burn approach rather than just checking things off a list. You can read this article here to learn more about the art of setting intentions

There are 3 distinct areas that I am focused on during 2021

– My work 

– My health

– My free time

Walking into the new year, I realized that I need to adjust my priorities. For example – I’ve been dreaming of starting my own business for the last couple of years but never found the time to make it happen. And even after sitting at home for 9 months straight, with endless amounts of free time and no where to go, I  still don’t have it up and running. Which proves that time isn’t an issue, my priorities are. The same can be said for my health. And so this year, I am setting my intentions on where I want to see myself and the progress I want to make. (Don’t worry, I’ve written actionable steps as well)

My Work

The perks of working for yourself includes setting your own schedule and trust me, I take full advantage of it. But because I’m so lenient with my time, I  end up being lenient about my responsibilities as well. So in 2021, we are shifting both our mindset and our physical approach to the work day. I want to look back over this year and see that I’ve made progress, and money, as a result of my work ethic. I will be approaching my day like a 9-5. All computer work gets done during the day, projects are submitted before 5pm, and lunch or coffee dates with friends are kept to 1 hour increments. Plus I  started setting alarms on my phone to do simple house chores in between emails and calls- this gives me a brain break while still being productive so I  don’t end up overwhelmed when the weekend comes. I’ve also begun publishing my to do lists to my instagram stories which has helped me stay accountable in getting sh*t done. Can you tell I  need accountability and structure to be productive? LOL 

My Health

It’s been years since I’ve made my body a priority. I  had to unlearn a lot of negative habits from my teen years and in finding some freedom from that, I quit caring altogether. Now don’t get me wrong – there is something to be said about being comfortable and confident in your own skin, and I  definitely still am, but my battle with weight has started affecting other areas of my life. This year I’m going to be intentional with how I  approach my health journey so I can be the best version of myself for the long run. I’ve got a weight loss number in mind, but I’m learning to be proud of myself just for taking the necessary steps towards a healthier lifestyle. There is some grace attached to this new, intentional mindset, and it’s a refreshing approach. On a practical level, I’ve started the new year doing the keto diet and I joined a gym here in Dallas that I’m actually pumped to go. It’s only been a week but I’m going strong and y’all, THAT IS PROGRESS!

My Free Time

This year I want to be intentional with my free time. I am an enneagram 7 – I  love to be social, I  love to have fun, I  love seeing friends. But I will make a coffee date turn into an all day event, and will say yes to any social outing even if I haven’t finished work. My intention for this area is personal growth. I want to look back and be able to see how far I’ve come in my emotional, spiritual, and mental growth as a result of how I delegate my time. In 2021, I am going to be more selective with my social calendar. I’m putting a time limit on my fun and learning to say no to things. (Plus this will help me save money too, which should be a goal of mine but we can only tackle so much) At the same time, if I’m saying no to friend outings, I  need to optimize my free time when I’m alone. I find myself mindlessly scrolling through TikTok or binge watching documentaries on Netflix day in and day out. And while I think it’s great to relax and enjoy some of those mindless activities, there’s so many better ways to enrich my life. For 2021, I’m committing to 3 things: reading one book a month, taking a walk everyday and learning one new thing a week.  The book doesn’t have to be educational, but I need some time away from a screen. The walk can be 10 minutes or an hour, but I have to get off my couch, and the new thing can be as intense as a webinar or as small as learning about a new tool in photoshop but it has to add value to life or business. I  don’t want to feel like I wasted another 6 months doing nothing when I was capable of so much more. 

Do you have areas of your life you need to be more intentional with? I can think of a hundred more things I need to give attention to but this isn’t a race, it’s a marathon. I want 2021 to be the year that helps carry me into the next season of my life. And with these set intentions, I can’t wait to see how far along I will be this time next year.

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Setting Intentions for 2021