10 places to shop local in Dallas

One of the main reasons people come to Dallas is for the shopping. And while we do have all the best big name stores, the local shops here in Dallas have my heart. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite small businesses to shop in Dallas, so next time you need a new outfit or a gift for your bestie, you know exactly where to go!

Favor the Kind 

Favor the Kind is my first stop for gifts and unique home decor. They have  major desert, bohemian vibes going on (my personal fave) so I end up spending way too long looking at every shelf and every little trinket. If you’re wanting something fun and eclectic to give to a friend, this is your stop! Plus they have the cutest clothes and jewelry too, and a small section for men! 

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Beatnik Fine Goods 

Beatnik has become my happy place since it opened. The shop has the best selection of clothes, with a mix of eclectic fashion pieces and closet staples. And let me tell you, the clothes sell fast! It’s definitely one of those buy it or regret it stores.  Plus there is a whole home section with imported rugs and candles, and the cutest bohemian baby section as well. The sale rack always has really surprising steals and the owner Lindsay, hosts the best events ( I  even got a tattoo here during one of their last events. Casual) 

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Mod and Jo 

Just across the street from Beatnik is Mod and Jo, my favorite local jewelry store. Similar to Mejuri, Mod and Jo makes delicate gold pieces that all pair perfectly together. The space is so cute and minimal, and they have a great selection of necklaces, statement earrings and small layering pieces. They also have a local piercer @lucy_macheal come once a month to do piercings for customers which is so fun! Admittedly I’ve gotten a few of those as well

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DLM supply 

DLM is a hidden gem on Davis street in my opinion. I stumbled in one day while looking for a gift for my brother in law, and found the best selection of mens clothing and accessories. Things like beard oil and whiskey scented candles, and dope coffee table books that are just *manly* But they also have a whole store next door dedicated to women. The whole store is a vibe with camping lanterns hanging from the ceiling and foil dressing room curtains. Their clothes are a higher price point in my opinion, but they have lots of super unique items, and their sales are great! They also have a fun children’s section in the back with lots of kids books and clothes that you don’t see other places in town. 

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Haus of Vintage 

The vintage shop Dallas has been needing! Also located by Beatnik, Haus of Vintage is a small store packed with curated pieces from all over the country. The girls who own it are so sweet, so you feel like you’re shopping with friends. And their prices are not high at all compared to other vintage stores I  shop at. They get new stuff all the time so I pop in almost weekly to browse their new finds. Plus it’s black and women owned so really you can’t go wrong shopping here. 


All Good Things 

Another perfect shop for gifts and home goods! All Good things is one of my favorite stores in the Bishop Arts District. It has a huge selection of cards for every holiday and life moment, plus a selection of candles, jewelry, kitchen accessories and baby things. It’s a must-stop shop if you need a gift for someone or need a pick me up during a bad day. They’ve done a great job of having something for everyone (and at Christmas time, it’s full of unique holiday finds which is big selling point for me) 

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Jade & Clover 

Jade & Clover is the cutest store in Deep Ellum. I pop in here frequently when looking for fun gifts or birthday decorations. Their store is sectioned into different “vibes” so you can find something for the crazy plant lady friend, the crystal loving friend, the super girly and sparkly friend etc. Jade & Clover’s big claim to fame is their plant bar. You can go in and choose from a ton of different vessels and terrariums then shop their large variety of succulents. It’s super fun to go with friends and make an activity out of it!

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Go Easy 

Go Easy is a funky new self care shop in Bishop Arts District. They are on a mission to make all the taboo things in life a little more chill. I  pop in there for cool CBD products or new additions to my skin care routine, but they also sell cute smoking accessories for those that like to get high plus aesthetic AF sex toys and accessories. Their employees are an open book and will answer any questions you have with zero judgment, which I  think is super rad for those that might be nervous purchasing such items. It’s a fun, cute environment that you can feel comfortable in, so you don’t have to go into gross head shops and feel weird walking in and out. (but they also sell cute things like giant scrunchies so really you just need to stop in)

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Magic Hour 

Just down the way from Go Easy, Magic Hour is one of the dreamiest store fronts in Dallas. They specialize in bohemian home decor, with things like fun glassware and wooden serving utensils, pillows, and candle holders.. even aesthetic Grocery items like Olive oil.  The store itself is a whole vibe but I love that you can’t find their products anywhere else, because they are just that unique. 

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Commerce Goods + Supply Store 

Perfect for window shopping, or when you are in the mood to buy quality over quantity, Commerce is one of the cutest stores in Dallas. It’s located in the middle of downtown, inside the Adolphus hotel. The store is super curated and is a great place to shop for “the person who has everything”. While their clothing and jewelry is a higher price point than most places I shop at, they do have unique housewares and accessories that you don’t find anywhere else in town. Sidenote – they sell my favorite candle of all time – The Adolphus signature scent – which you can only buy in this store. That alone is worth making the trip downtown to shop. 

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I’m a huge proponent of shopping local any chance you get, and these stores are by far the best places to start that journey if you are new to the idea. With more and more big box stores moving into our city, it’s so important that we continue to support small businesses in all the different Dallas neighborhoods.

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10 places to shop local in Dallas