Midsize Fashion: Where to Shop

This year has included a lot of firsts – and for the first time, I’m choosing to embrace my curves. While I am currently on a health journey, I am also learning to love my body as it is right now. So for the last 6 months or so, I’ve been on the hunt for the best places to shop for trendy, midsize fashion.

Currently I am a size 12 which is this annoying in-between of regular sizes and plus sizes. I’ve ordered tons of items online, as well as tried on a million pieces in-store, and from my research I have created a list of my favorite, [almost] foolproof places to shop when you’re looking for that next cute piece. My list is broken down by clothing item to help you easily shop for what you need!




Athletic Wear


Wide Leg Pants & Trousers

Coats and Jackets


Please note, I like things to fit on the looser side, (aside from my dresses) so I will almost always size up and tailor it if need be.

I’m happy to help you find anything else you may be looking for, no matter what size! And if you have a place you love to shop as a midsize girl, please let me know!! DM me or email me for anything!

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Midsize Fashion: Where to Shop