lolly golightly


Holly Golightly is the fictional character from one of my all-time favorite movies “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. She is a hopeless romantic with big dreams, she doesn’t know the word “no” and she loves to throw a mean party. Holly Golightly has such a lust for life and a giant imagination that can sometimes get her into trouble, plus she has incredibly taste even if it mean’s living beyond her means.

What does this have to do with Me? My nickname ever since I was little has been Lolly, and like Audrey Hepburn’s character in the movie, I don’t find much pleasure in boring, regular activities. I believe life has so much to offer so I sneak adventures in as often as possible. And while I have a high standard for clothes, travels and experiences, I’m often looking for the more economical option- another way I can relate to the “it girl” movie character. This is why I chose to model my blog after Holly Golightly- to give my readers a chance to find the magic in the mundane, to explore your own city + seek out adventure, and find budget-friendly options that meet your high expectations.

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